Pretty Futuristic, huh?

You may wonder with your mind brain, "How is this the future of comedy? Articles, podcasts, videos? Yawn?" Well, relax you're obviously going through some real emotional stuff right now.  

This is a website to provide you with everything comedy. You want to listen to unique podcasts? Boom, you got it. You want to read articles from stand up, improv, and writers all over the country? Boom, you got it. You want videos to get you through the work day? Boom, you got it. You want to be loved by your parents? Uh oh....just stay on this website and forget your troubles.

The most important thing we are here for is to waste your time and take you out of this rat race by writing about actual rat races done in Pyongyang. I don't know if they do that but c'mon could you put it past them?