Weekly Advice From Our Creator: Meth

Hey guys! Joe Bates here hoping to pass your time as your waiting for the daily grind to end so you can get to your nightly grind at the club! My experiences in the club are a bit different as I'm trying to write a food and drink blog about which club has the best diet coke. So far they all tie.

This Week: Meth

Meth may have been popularized by Breaking Bad as the 'cool' drug. But I'll be honest, I don't think it's good for you until I had an interesting conversation.

My friend the other day told me that he was looking at pictures of meth heads as they progressed through their addictions and he noticed that their is a small window during their deterioration where meth heads look incredibly hot.  All you need is just the right amount of meth and it makes you look sexy.


But unlike that photo above though, I started wondering about what my friend said. Daily photos?….what are these photogenic meth heads making?  Flip books?  You just flip through these pictures of a human degrading into this dark abyss. The first picture is a smile and then you get to see every tooth leave their sad face until the last picture is just a skull……

All you need is the right amount of meth to be sexy….That makes it sounds like it's some sort of healthy alternative.  "Hey Sharon, you want to go with us to Cheesecake Factory?"  "Nah I thought I'd just stay at home and do the right amount of meth."  "Oh Sharon, you health nut, you. What's next? No carbs? Get a load of Sharon"  

Girls I date I'm always saying, "Yea you're good looking but you're not methy hot." What's the point in me dating women with low self esteem and daddy issues named Crystal if they're not gonna do right amount of meth?

What about other drugs?  Is there a right amount of heroine?….Actually there is….zero heroine.  Oddly enough, zero heroine is also the score in anyone's battle with heroine.  0 - Heroine.  What does the flip book look like for heroine?  First picture, you, about to make a bad decision.  And then several pictures of Salvador Dali paintings.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Say no to drugs."