Rank You Very Much Episode 15: Best Weird Al Song

Hey everyone!!!!! We're back!!!! With great experts @BrianZeolla and @WestCornfield!

This episode we're discussing Joe's hero as well as so many others. WEIRD AL YANKOVIC!!!!!!!! We decide what is truly his greatest song? Joe has to do a lot of editing so the world won't know his dark secret and learns how to cope. Wes seems constantly defeated as the ranking progresses and we have to cut great song after great song. Brian can't stress enough that all he wants is Al to jam on that squeeze box. Remember after listening go to the contact page and tell me how UHF references they were in this episode and I'll tell you yup or nope! As always here's the list of 15 songs:

1. Yoda

2. Eat it

3. Everything You Know Is Wrong

4. My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder

5. Melanie

6. Amish Paradise

7. Syndicated Incorporated

8. I Wanna New Duck

9. Albuquerque

10. Bedrock Anthem

11. Dare To be Stupid

12. White and Nerdy

13. Stuck in a Closet with Vanna White

14. Night Santa Went Crazy

15. Taco Grande

Rank You Very Much Episode 14: Worst Human Organ

Folks, there comes a time where we all have to understand our bodies a little bit better by knowing what's the worst thing that makes us who we are. On Episode 14, Joe has experts hilarious Thad Sweigart and the knowledgable Sean Hickey who also by the way does the whole being a life saving paramedic and have the great blog http://disease-of-the-week.tumblr.com which is hilarious. We find out in this episode Thad might be pure evil, Joe's got a cute little dog story, and what type of questions an EMT might come across as helps out at an AIDS walk.

As always here's the 12 human organs

1. Facial Hair

2. Liver

3. Appendix

4. Umbilical Cord

5. Moral Reasoning part of the brain

6. Heart

7. Pituitary Gland

8. Gall Bladder

9. Brain

10. Colon

11. Baby Toe

12. Kidney